It is our true pleasure to welcome you to Sintica Wine Resort!

Sintica Wine Resort is more than just a luxury hotel and winery – it is a true experience for all the senses, one that is entwined with the diverse nature of the region and the spirit of the Mediterranean. The wine at Sintica Winery is poetry in a bottle and authentic culinary pleasures are waiting to delight you at Sinti Restaurant.

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Sintica Wine Resort

Situated two kilometers from the center of Sandanski, Sintica Wine Resort has 23 rooms and 3 apartments, a winery, spa center, year-round outdoor mineral pool, well-equipped conference hall, 24/7 registration, parking and all the amenities for children. Sintica Wine Resort offers guests an escape from the noise of the city, vast and verdant gardens, first-class service, a selection of local wines and gourmet cuisine, all of which create the ideal conditions for the perfect holiday and relaxation!

Sandanski, Bulgaria

The city, known as one of Europe’s finest natural healing centres, has been attracting visitors for centuries. This is the warmest Bulgarian city in all seasons.

The region’s fine climate, combined with clean mountain air and mineral springs, establish Sandanski as a resort that meets the high standards of the European Spa Association.


Our Menu

Roots Vegetable Salad

/red beets, carrots, dill, sunflower crackers, citrus dressing/

Meatballs with Spelt, Bulgur

/spelt, bulgur, fresh onion, spinach, cheese,yellow cheese, egg, black pepper, fresh cherry tomato salad/

Grilled pork neck with herbal potatoes

/grilled pork neck, herbal potatoes, mashed peas, fresh herbs/

Grilled beefsteak with smoked cheddar

/veal mince, onion, parsley, fresh spices, baking soda, melted cheese, cheddar, herbal potatoes, sauce/

Sea Breeze Pasta

/fresh pasta, white wine, squids, mussel nuts,shrimp, garlic, onion, tomato concasse, fresh herbs, butter, parmigiana/

Our Full Winter MenuMore About Sinti Restaurant

Baked kachamak (polenta) with kefalotyri and poached egg, marinated mushrooms

Pan fried beef brains with celery, winter truffle and green apple with lemon cream  

Quail, roasted onions in salt, parsnip, roasted ground apple with olive oil

Mediterranean sea bass, roasted cauliflower puree, cauliflower trachana and Babek salami

Pumpkin pastry with buffalo milk ice cream

Menu "Heraclea ex Sintis"More About Sinti Restaurant
Villa Sintica Logo White
Sandanski, Bulgaria; Sandanski road E79, main city entrance
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